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There are three steps to finding your fitness at CrossFit Grail:
Step 1
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We want to know all about you, your goals and where you are starting from to formulate your custom plan.

Step 2
Create Your Custom Plan

Work with an expert trainer & nutrition coach to create a simple and sustainable plan to reach your goals.

Step 3
Experience Amazing Results

Transform your body and mind with ongoing accountability and support to ensure continued success and optimal, long-term results.

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    Experienced CrossFitter

    We love meeting experienced CrossFitters visiting our area. Drop into a class by registering a class in advance. Visiting for more than a day? Contact us for special drop-in bundle rates.
    Looking for a new gym and want to try a class? Drop-in fee will be applied to your membership.
    Click here to register for a Drop-In during one of our regularly scheduled classes.