Grail News April 2021


Grail News April 2021

Message from the Grail

Happy SPRING at last! The big news for March was the CrossFit Open finally happened! For three weeks, we got to test our fitness, have some crazy fun with our Grail community, and have a little bit of normalcy after a rollercoaster year. In the three weeks of Friday Night Lights, we had Superheroes 🦸, Togas 🔱, Rock Stars and just Rockin’ in the USA 🎸. Way to embrace the theme, Grailers!

And there were lots of firsts and personal records: Pull-Ups, Chest-to-Bars, Muscle-Ups (yeah, Brandi), Double Unders, and Wall Walks. With all those personal records, there was also max weight lifted on the barbell complex and Push Jerks. 🏋️

Then we have HUUUGGEEE KUDOS for a couple competing Grailers: 🙌

Brandi Adder, Eric Keely, and Mike Miles all placed in the top 10% in their age groups and now get to move on to the online qualifiers, if they choose. We will let you know if and when this next phase of will happen!

We would also one again like to thank everyone for their help – judging, set-up, clean-up, welcome ambassadors and to everyone just bringing the spirit for FUN FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. 💛

For April, the festivities continue with CrossFit Grail 4-Year Anniversary Celebration on April 17. Check out more details below for “The Grail” WOD, Kids Obstacle Course, Food & Refreshments.

Stay healthy!
~Eric & Michelle Keely
Owners, CrossFit Grail

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CrossFit Grail 4-year Anniversary Celebration

Email for more info and to join the festivities: [email protected]