Grail Athlete Guide to the 2021 CrossFit Open Team Competition


Grail Athlete Guide to the 2021 CrossFit Open Team Competition

Welcome to the 2021 Grail Open Team Competition!

We are so excited to get things kicked off this Friday with 3 weeks of Friday Night Lights and the CrossFit Open. 🎉
Your GRAIL TEAM is counting on you – don’t let them down! 👊

Please read carefully – it’s everything you need to know:

There are 5 Grail Teams. Each Coach is a Team Captain – see below.

Click HERE for all the teams. If you have not received an email from your Team Captain, check your spam folder, or contact Michelle at [email protected]

First – Register in WODIFY RISE to earn points for your Grail OPEN 2021 Team. EVERYONE can and should register and get POINTS for your TEAM. This is about your GRAIL COMMUNITY SPIRIT!

Download the WODIFY RISE app, login with your existing Wodify password and REGISTER for the GRAIL OPEN 2021.

How to LOG YOUR POINTS in Wodify Rise tutorial video HERE

Weekly Schedule and Actions, starting March 11 over 3 weeks:

  1. The CrossFit Open workout is announced each Thursday at 6pm via a live announcement from CrossFit at
  2. Eric & the team will begin prepping the gym and strategizing. Michelle will be posting the workout and strategy tips in the Facebook Community page, printing scoresheets, and entering the warmup and WOD for each category into Wodify.
  3. Come to the Grail each Friday in each week’s theme attire, team paraphernalia, and community spirit, prepared to crush the Open workout. 🎯
  4. Regular class schedule each morning, afternoon ‘waves’ are each half hour starting at 4pm with a self-guided warm-up.
  5. Each Friday afternoon will be Friday Night Lights – come hang out, do the WOD, and cheer on your fellow Grailers. Limited capacity inside, social area outside. Feel free to BYOB 🥤 and snacks (not an official Grail sponsored potluck, but share if you wish)
  6. Each athlete will have a JUDGE. ⚖️ If you are interested in judging, come to the Grail by 4pm each Friday for a prep on the workout standards.
  7. If you officially registered in the Open, submit your score by Monday at 6pm. Your Grail Commissioners will verify. ✔️
  8. Enter your Team Participation POINTS in Wodify Rise by 6pm Monday. Michelle will sort them by Teams & Coach Shawn will add the WOD placement points. ✔️

These are the POINTS you can earn each week:

Team Captains – Team Names
Coach Mike: Three Men & the Ladies
Coach Shawn: 99 Problems but a WOD Ain’t One
Coach Ryan: We Get Locked Down, But We Get Up Again
Coach Sheldon: Fueled by Hops
Coach Dom: WODer Benders

Weekly Themes:
March 19: TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

Grail Commissioners
Eric Keely & Michelle Keely

If you have questions, reach out to your Team Captain.

May the WODs be ever in your favor!