Get Fit While Furloughed for FREE


Get Fit While Furloughed for FREE

Are you one of the 800,00 government employees on work furlough? Then why not spend some time finding your fitness and relieving some stress!

And yes, for FREE!

Grab your workout gear and come to CrossFit Grail to sweat out some stress, meet a great community of people and invest in your health and fitness!

That’s right – CrossFit Grail is offering a one-month, 3x/week membership to 10 furloughed government employees who are committed to making an investment in their health during these uncertain times.

The Guidelines:
1. Limited to 10 people only. Must be a furloughed government employee to apply.
2. Attend up to 3 classes per week at either 9:30am Monday-Friday or 5:30pm Monday-Thursday for 30 days.
3. All fitness levels are welcome, no experience necessary. All classes can be scaled to your fitness level and ability.
4. Join an awesome and fun community, meet new people, get encouragement and accountability, and take care of YOU!

Sign-ups open until the furlough ends!
*Once you sign-up, we will contact you to confirm your membership, answer any questions you have, and make sure you are set to hit the ‘box’ running!