Genius…or Insane???


Genius…or Insane???

Of course it would be impossible, and if not impossible, then just insane. And if I could do it, what would the ethical implications be? They would call me mad! Oh, I had heard the scoffing. The idle laughter as I passed by. Obviously, as long as these so called athletes could laugh then I wasn’t challenging them enough… Yes, I would do it! I would create the ultimate in programming abominations. They would laugh no more!

Yes, we would sew together different programming concepts to create a true day of horror. No, this would not be just another Wendler cycle, no matter how effective those had been. The PR board was full of Wendler results. No, this would be born from sadism, married to barbell, and heavy…yes, so heavy.  They would earn these PRs!

It is coming… Are you ready? In the month of Halloween, I thought it appropriate to introduce our next wave of programming enhancements which include Monster Mondays. Monster Monday will include more advanced barbell movements at higher weights. Overheads, Snatch, Squat Cleans, Clean and Jerks to just mention a few. This is just one new facet of our programming that is part of a larger effort to bring our athletes to the next level.

We will see more skill work combined with higher intensity, but shorter workouts. This will allow us to focus on barbell skills in the WOD. Don’t worry, we will continue to see plenty of longer workouts as well. Tons of variety.  We saw big gains in both the push-up and pull-up progressions, so we will continue these muscle progressions to get you to Rx, but we have moved the next cycle to Wednesdays. This way we reach more athletes. Each cycle we will move the progression to a different day.

If I had to summarize these changes, I would say that we intend to continue to see great results with an emphasis on lifts that we haven’t focused on previously (i.e. overheads). Heavy days that allow athletes to learn skill as well as plenty of time to progress to heavy lifts.  I hope you are not too haunted by these changes, as I look forward to seeing all of you this Monday… this Monster Monday!

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