Expecting Instant Results is Setting Yourself Up for Failure


Expecting Instant Results is Setting Yourself Up for Failure

“10 lbs in 2 weeks.”
“Drop 3 dress sizes in one month.”
“Your bikini body instantly.”

We have been conditioned to believe that losing weight is a quick and easy process. Drink a special tea and instantly have your dream body. While you may not outright believe those ads, in the back of your mind somewhere, you are still hoping that your results are quick and require minimum commitment and effort.

If that is your mindset going into your health journey, whether your goal is to improve performance, gain muscle, lose body fat – or all of the above – you are setting yourself up for failure.

Results are not just about one change that you make; it’s about dozens of tiny changes you make over time and new habits you create. Each habit that you change or create moves you closer to your goals. Because of this, we use a process of long-term and short-term goals with every client. The long-term goal is where you want to see yourself in one year. The short-term goals can be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly depending on how much accountability you need.

Once you reach your first short-term goal, you create a new goal and strive for that. Eventually, with accountability from your nutrition coach, you reach your long-term goal and then make new ones.

So you reached your goal! Now you are done, right?

No! Once you reach your goal, you create new long-term goals throughout the maintenance stage. This is so you ensure you don’t slip back into those old habits. That accountability buddy is there for you to keep you on track.

It is important to remember that progress is not a straight line. You will have setbacks, you will make progress, and you will reach those goals. The important thing is that you stay consistent and trust your nutrition coach.

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Michelle Ann Keely
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