Daily Lockdown Questions


Daily Lockdown Questions


Are you taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically?

✳️ Every day we can start our day with a positive mindset by asking ourselves ‘What am I grateful for today?’ This helps us focus on all the positive things in our lives, because this too shall pass and we are here for you.

✳️ Put aside time just for you, even if it just a few minutes. Read something you enjoy for a few minutes, watch the sunrise or sunset, take a bath.

✳️ Reach out to friends or family via Zoom or Facetime. Or those in your community who could use a little support. Plan  video coffee date.

✳️ Clear some space so your home workout area is inviting, join CrossFit Grail via Zoom or do on of our home workouts. Reach out to a coach for support.

✳️ Get your daily dose of sunshine to grow and replenish. Take the kids, dogs or your spouse and see the peace and beauty in nature.  🍃 ☀️

Do you need some accountability to help you stay healthy while on Lockdown?

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