Crossfit Teens 6/11/2019


Crossfit Teens 6/11/2019

CrossFit Grail – CrossFit Teens & Pre-Teens


Group relays

Agility ladder drills: (10 min)

1. Forward hop

2. SL forward hop R/L

3. Lateral hop R/L

4. Hop scotch

5. Lateral scissor steps R/L


Strength: 6 min AMRAPs (1/2 start on A, 1/2 on B)

**Get through as many rounds as possible of A and B

A1. Vertical ring rows x 8

A2. Squat to med ball x 8

B1. Push up (elevated) x 8

B2. Split squats x 8/8


3 rounds of :30 on, :30 off, rotate through stations

C1. Box jump

C2. Wall balls

C3. Shuttle run