Coronapocalypse Can’t Keep Us Down!


Coronapocalypse Can’t Keep Us Down!

Yesterday when we heard the news that the Governor had ordered businesses closed for the next thirty days, we were immediately horrified at the number of people that would be impacted. This order literally puts tens of thousands of people out of work without paychecks in the coming weeks/months. People who live paycheck to paycheck. We started discussing how we could help. Normally, we would rally our Grail members to figure out how we can positively impact the community. But then it hit us. This situation could close the Grail permanently. Walmart isn’t going to go out of business, but your local restaurant or fitness studio may not be able to survive this kind of situation. When this is all said and done, the big boys will continue to survive, but the locally owned businesses will shut down. After all, the rent is still due (trust us, we asked).

We are nothing if not persistent, so we buckled down and committed. After all, we are STRONG, and WE WILL SURVIVE… with your support. We will continue to focus on your fitness and health. We are implementing a number of exciting opportunities. As Eric always says, an injury is nothing more than an opportunity to work on a weakness.

Shy of some details, here is what we are working on…

CrossFit X – Home workouts designed to be used with body weight and odd objects. We will add a second daily workout for members with dumbbells, jump ropes and other small equipment. We have a number of jump ropes we can provide to members with the need. Register in the daily 9am CrossFit X class so you can log your workout results into Wodify to see how you did against everyone else.

Daily Fitness Challenge – Want that perky butt? Join the Squat Challenge! Ready for Murph? Join the Murph Prep Challenge!  Want six pack abs? Join the Six Pax Challenge!

Nutrition Challenge – Not what you would expect. Simple enough to focus on just the things we can control right now – exercise, hydration, sleep and yes, a little on vegetables and lean protein. But with added tools – like videos helping to walk you through logging your meals and how to take the most advantage of MyFitnessPal, how to weigh and measure your food and other practical things you can do during Coronapocalypse to keep you on track. PRIZES at the end!

Personal Training – Stay tuned on this, but no charge personal training to focus on barbell or gymnastics.

Daily Video – A daily video to prep you for the next day of workouts and challenges

We ask that you stay tuned as we roll-out these programs to keep you engaged with your fitness. We hope you trust us to continue to deliver value to you during this time so that we can continue to do so long after this is past us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to: [email protected] Stay fit and stay healthy while you are social distancing, my friends!

In health,
Eric & Michelle Keely
Owners, CrossFit Grail