Being Fit at Age 70


Being Fit at Age 70

Being fit has no limits, and it’s never too late to get started! 👴 Alex has been CrossFitting with us since we opened in April 2017.

At 70 years young, Alex is still running, jumping and lifting – like this 315# deadlift! 💪

Regular exercise makes life better as you age.

Some benefits of exercise for seniors:
✔️ Increases Cardiovascular Strength
✔️ Reduces Risk of Dementia / Improved Cognitive Function
✔️ Prevents disease, such as diabetes and heart disease
✔️ Improves Bone Health
✔️ Prevents unwanted falls
✔️ Helps Flexibility & Range of Motion
✔️ Supports Better Sleep
✔️ Plus it just makes you feel better, reduces stress and stimulates ‘HAPPY’ endorphins!

Do you want to be fit and healthy at any age?
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