Assessing Health by Measuring Fitness


Assessing Health by Measuring Fitness

I ran across this video / podcast. It is an interview with my idol Ben Bergeron. Ben is considered one of, if not, the top coach in CrossFit. He coached both 2016 Fittest Athletes in the CrossFit Games. So, when he discusses fitness I generally listen pretty closely.  What might shock you is that his take on fitness is identical to how our gym approaches it.

As you listen to the concept of measuring fitness, it should be very familiar. The idea that CrossFit prevents disease seems revolutionary but, in reality it makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, I cannot claim that I have not seen a doctor recently. However, all of my issues started long before I started CrossFit and is the reason WHY I sought a better solution to aging well.

Here is the YouTube version of the podcast:
It’s about 20 minutes so if you are just listening, you can also find it in the podcast “Chasing Excellence,” episode 33. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

I would love to hear your comments on this concept. You can post your comments here or on the linked post on our Facebook page.

Eric Keely
CrossFit Grail

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  1. Shawn

    I think there is something to this approach to health and wellness. Since I started Crossfit 4+ years ago, I’ve only been sick a handful of times and of those times I can attribute several of them to very acute events, such as a stressful time at work or a string of nights without restful sleep. But by focusing on consistency at the box and always working hard, I feel great. I even notice when I’m not able to get to the box; I have less energy and am more moody.
    I look forward to continuing this adventure for health and wellness!