7 Tips to Stop Stress Eating


7 Tips to Stop Stress Eating



  1. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY MEAL SCHEDULE: It’s OK to adapt to a new eating pattern while at home, but set regular times to eat to avoid grazing
  2. REMOVE TEMPTATION: Keep tempting foods on a high shelf in the laundry room – out of sight, out of mind!
  3. CHECK-IN WITH YOURSELF: Take note on how you feel. Are you truly hungry or are you bored stressed, lonely, anxious? Pause & evaluate for 5 minutes before acting.
  4. GET MOVING: Combat stress and boredom with the feel-good hormones that come with exercise. Jump into a virtual class at the Grail!
  5. BE PRESENT: Minimize distractions while eating to be mindful of overeating and bring awareness to your eating habits.
  6. CHOOSE NUTRITIOUS FOODS: Filling up with quality protein, fiber and healthy fats can prevent reaching for empty-calorie, unhealthy choices.
  7. FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE: What is your long-term health goal? Take this time to foster a healthy relationship with with food and your body.

BONUS!!! PROGRESS beat Perfection! Give yourself some grace.

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