7 Tips to Set Yourself up for Success


7 Tips to Set Yourself up for Success

With the 2020 Nutrition Reboot Challenge starting next week, it is important not to just be prepare mentally, but to prepare your surroundings as well, mainly your kitchen. And if you are not doing the Nutrition Reboot Challenge, these 7 TIPS can still help you stick to your Nutrition Goals.

7 Tips to Set Yourself Up for Success:

  1. Clean your kitchen, find & organize the basics – cutting board, knife, clean work surface
  2. Clean out your kitchen fridge & pantry of all non-compliant foods – donate or throw away
  3. Purchase your food storage / travel containers and a box of plastic bags
  4. Find your favorite water bottle – you will refill this a few times per day
  5. Print your food list – choose your staples and write down quantities you need and how you will use them
  6. Grocery shop – purchase only items from your shopping list
  7. Food prep: cook some of your protein & prepare your vegetables – portion out your meals & put them in storage containers

Today, January 9, is the last day register for your 2020 Nutrition Reboot Challenge.

This is not (just) about weight loss, not another ‘diet.’ This is about hitting the reset button, a jumpstart to a new and improved way of eating, appropriately nourishing your body for your goals, fueling for top performance, and being the healthiest version of yourself.

This is YOUR Challenge – you are not competing against anyone else for weight loss, fat loss or muscle gain. This is about you challenging yourself to be the healthiest you possible.
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In health,
~Michelle Ann Keely, CEO
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

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