7 Tips to Curb Your Quarantine Drinking


7 Tips to Curb Your Quarantine Drinking

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Do you find yourself consuming a few more alcoholic beverages since you’ve been in quarantine? Here are:

7 Tips to Curb Your Quarantine Drinking:

  1. Make a ‘REASONS’ List: Is alcohol affecting other areas of your life? Do you want to sleep better? Feel better in the morning? Improve your relationships?
  2. Set Boundaries Before Consuming: How many days a week do you choose to drink? How many drinks in one night? Recommended guidelines are no more than one standard drink per day and no more than two standard drinks per day for men.
  3. Keep an ‘Alcohol Consumption’ Journal: Keep track of every time you drink for 2 weeks – where you were, what was going on and how you feel. Does it align with your goals?
  4. Stay Busy: Take a walk, work on project, start a new hobby, watch a movie. Pick an alternative to drinking.
  5. Remove Temptation: Don’t have alcohol in the house. Have time to assess the need before going to the liquor store.
  6. Drink Slowly: Sip your beverage. Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Have a glass of water between each drink.
  7. Ask for Support: Cutting back on alcohol consumption may not be easy. Let your friends and family know you need their support. Find a counselor or accountability partner if needed.

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