7 Tips to Boost Your Immune System


7 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

Cold and flu season is upon us, not to mention the news is reporting that we are still seeing a spike in COVID numbers. So now more than ever, it is important to do what we can to stay healthy and boost our immune system. The healthier we are to start, the better off we are if, and when, we contract any virus, cold or illness.

Here are 7 Tips to Boost Your Immune System:

  1. Eat real, whole, nutritious food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and nuts & seeds. These foods are loaded with nutrients that boost our immunity. And cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, kale and cabbage makes for a healthy liver, which aids body’s natural detoxification process.
  2. Exercise. Getting your sweat on consistently has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system. Regular exercise mobilizes white blood cells to protect the body against infection. However, continuous rigorous workouts weaken the immune system, which is why you need a day or two of rest each week as well.
  3. Sleep. Lack of sleep can cause an inflammatory response and weakens your immune system Try to sleep for 7–8 hours and avoid having an all-nighter. People who average less than seven hours of sleep per night are three times more likely to get sick than those who averaged eight hours a night.
  4. Hydrate. Drinking plenty of water can help stave off infection, boost immunity and aid your body to naturally eliminate toxins that lead to illness. Drink at least 80oz of water per day and 4-8 additional ounces for each 15 minutes of exercise.
  5. Stress Relief. Chronic stress suppresses the immune response in the body by releasing the hormone cortisol. Cortisol interferes with specific white blood cells, impairing the gut and respiratory tract, which is our first line of defense against pathogens. Try mediation, yoga, take a bath or a walk or try some deep breathing.
  6. Drink alcohol only in moderation and don’t smoke. Need I say more?!?!
  7. See the Bright Side. You are less likely to become ill if you keep a positive outlook.

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